You've just taken the first step on a journey of growth and discovery. Finding a therapist can be a nerve-wracking experience full of vulnerability and uncertainty

At Therapy with Treah, I offer particular welcome and safety to people of color, Muslims, immigrants, women, and queer people. I focus on helping people with issues related to gender identity/gender transition and treating complex posttraumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD). In addition to those specialities I enjoy sitting with clients as we grapple with issues and feelings like sadness, depression, despair, anxiety, low self-worth, shame, sexuality and other issues which prevent you from living your most fabulous life.

I have been influenced by many counseling theories and interventions but believe in those which focus on a collaborative relationship where you are viewed as the expert about your own life. I affirm our therapy relationship as a potential vehicle for growth and my most fundamental goal is to create a safe, nurturing environment.

I am a licensed professional counselor in Georgia providing psychotherapy to adult individuals and groups in metro Atlanta. I have over 8 years of clinical experience providing psychotherapy to adults in individual and group settings.

Please take a look around to get to know me, to learn about therapy, and about the services I offer.

I offer a free initial phone consultation, this gives us some time to talk and determine if scheduling an appointment with me is the next best step for you.